Benefits of House Calls

The Benefits of Dr. Kelly’s House Calls

In every way, I tried to keep chiropractic care centered on you, not on my convenience as a doctor. Since my vision is to give you the best available chiropractic care, everything I do, including eliminating your drive time, is about keeping you the center of focus during the visit.

You Stay Where You Are At!

This is the centerpiece of my house call care. Providing care in the comfort of a patient’s home or office with no disruption to your day or schedule. Families, busy professionals, and athletes are amazed by the results!
It is not just the convenience. When you are adjusted, if you then hop in the car and drive 20 or more minutes, your muscles start to tense up rather than stay relaxed. A long drive immediately following an adjustment does not help the adjustment “stick.”

Yet if you are at home or at the office, you have more flexibility regarding what you can do, including moving around more often, applying ice or heat if necessary, or even just staying away from the stress of driving in high traffic.

Longer Appointments

My appointments are three times longer than the “average” chiropractor increasing the value and quality of your care. We will not rush through an appointment, expect me to listen to you as you tell me your current concerns, and then we take the time necessary to advance your health.

No Waiting Rooms

How often have you gotten to a doctor’s office or any other appointment right on time just to be forced to wait? What is the point of making an appointment if the you are only seen at someone else’s convenience? And we both know your waiting does not end when the nurse takes you to the room. After the nurse takes the vitals and you tell her what you are going to have to retell the doctor, you are going to have to wait some more!

So how about NO wasted time driving in Wisconsin weather or NO wasted time sitting in a waiting room, NO wasted time to actually see the doctor? My patients LOVE THIS convenience! Your time is precious and valuable and every minute you wait is time that you could have spent with your family or getting some work done. Instead of wasting your life in a waiting room, have the appointment come to you!

At Home / Work Health Assessments

I see patients in their own space and understand how they live in a way most chiropractors never see. My patients get the most out of their care and learn how to have a healthier lifestyle because of it!

This allows me to provide truly holistic care to you. It is not about a spinal adjustment, but about your overall health. I want you to life a full, healthy, vibrant life and we are in the best possible position for success by working together in your home of office.

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